Your Employer Might Owe You Tens of Thousands of Dollars in Unpaid Wages, Stolen Overtime, or Unlawful Deductions!

I’ve collected millions in stolen wages for hard-working people just like you. Here is how you can too. 


We take cases on a contingency, which means we only get paid if you get paid. We have a 100% success rate for ten years running. If we don't recover, you do not owe us anything.

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Were your wages stolen?

Here are the most common tricks business owners use to steal employee wages:

  • Calling you an independent contractor when you are not an independent contractor.
  • ​Telling you that you are not entitled to overtime pay when you work over 40 hours in a workweek.
  • ​Paying by day or by the project instead of by the hour.
  • ​Forcing you to work outside standard hours without counting the hours worked.
  • ​Not paying tipped workers an hourly wage in addition to tips.
  • ​Deducting time from your pay like breaks and lunch periods when you did not take a break or lunch period.

What are the most common jobs in which wage theft occurs?

  • Hospitality and service workers (restaurants, bars, hotels, casinos, clubs, exotic dancers, and similar establishments). 
  • Personal services providers (barbershops, nail salons, childcare, cleaning companies, etc). 
  • Office workers an low level management - and the company treats them as not being entitled.
  • Inside sales-people who are either not paid their full commissions or not paid overtime (people who do not make sales by leaving the office).
  • ​Most retail workers.
  • Most construction employees.
  • Most janitorial employees.
  • Many transportation workers (truck drivers, waste collectors, and public transport drivers).

Case Study

$25,000 + recovery

Meet Monica

Monica (name changed to protect privacy) was a corporate recruiter who worked in an office. The company did not pay her overtime for all her work at home on the weekends and at night. The company did not pay her overtime. Instead, it paid her a salary and commission, claiming she was exempt from the overtime law. However, the company was misinterpreting the law, and we were able to secure Monica her hard-earned overtime wages.

Lesson: Just because a company tells you that you are exempt from overtime pay doesn’t mean they are correct.

Free Wage Evaluation

see how much you could recover and how long it might take

We have a 100% success rate in recovering
unpaid wages.

Case Study

$100,000.00 recovery

Meet James

James (name changed to protect privacy) was a construction worker who was not paid for the time he spent traveling from his company headquarters to the job site each day and for the ride back. The company did not consider the travel time as work time, even though James was required to report to the headquarters each morning and afternoon. We secured Jame’s stolen wages, and the presiding judge said that this settlement "was one of the largest individual unpaid wage recoveries he had ever seen."

Lesson: Your employer could owe you a life changing amount of money.

Get more than double your unpaid wages

In addition to your unpaid wages you can also recover:

  • Double damages for willful violations;
  • Prejudgment interest;
  • Penalties;
  • Attorney fees;
  • Expenses and costs of the lawsuit.

A labor and employment lawyer (like me) will be able to find any unlawful practices, illegal deductions, unpaid wages, and other infractions of which you might not be aware. Your employer might owe you tens of thousands more than you think.

Case Study

$35,000 recovered including $10,000 in extra penalties

Meet Manuel

Manuel (name changed to protect privacy) worked in a deli. The deli paid Manuel in cash and never paid Manuel overtime. When we sued, the company claimed Manuel never worked there. We successfully recovered overtime and an additional $10,000 in penalties because the deli did not provide Manuel with paystubs or a written wage notice.

Lesson: Your boss probably owes you more than you think.

Free Wage Evaluation

see how much you could recover and how long it might take

I can't afford to rock the boat: 
I need this job to pay my bills and take care of my family.

Don’t let your employer threaten or scare you into inaction. 

  • You can sue any company you worked for in the past six years. It does not have to be a company at which you are currently working.
  • ​The law protects you. The law prevents retaliation. You can collect lost wages and benefits, penalties, demand your job back, and even demand front pay (money to cover you for the time it would take to find new work).
  • ​Attorney-Client Privilege- We CANNOT tell anyone about your case unless you ask us to. Your call is 100% confidential and protected by the attorney-client privilege. 
  • ​Attack only when you’re comfortable. We only move forward when you are ready. There is no pressure to start. You can have your free wage evaluation, come up with a strategy, collect evidence, and begin when you are ready.

Case Study

$150,000 recovered for retaliatory tactics 

Meet Ben

Ben (Name changed to protect privacy) was an airport supervisor who suffered an injury. The company tried to push him out of work, and he started complaining about his rights. The company, in response, began giving him fake write ups so they could fire him. We were able to secure a severance package to allow Ben to leave the company with financial security.

Lesson: Business owners have a lot to lose if they retaliate against you.

Free Wage Evaluation

see how much you could recover and how long it might take

How we help you recover your unpaid wages in just 4-9 months

10-minute initial free wage evaluation. We give you the game plan that you can follow even if you do not want to work with us. Just fill out the form to start. 

Detailed Consult.
If you decide to move forward, we build your case

  • Give us your documents.
  • Give us the details.
Demand Letter. 
We send a letter to your company. Many times we can get a settlement negotiated in the beginning without even going to court. You can get your money in as little as two months.
We file the lawsuit, we spend the money, you only have to be involved for a few hours over the course of the lawsuit. 90% of the time, we manage to settle the case, you get paid. 
the lawsuit, you sign some papers and get your check.  

Free Wage Evaluation

see how much you could recover and how long it might take

Why clients prefer El-Hag Law

A Proven Track Record

Although we have litigated class action lawsuits, nothing makes us happier than handing an individual a check for tens of thousands of dollars. It’s a life-changing experience for most of our clients. That is why we focus on helping the most underserved people and take on the most challenging to win cases. We know how to win these cases and are not afraid to fight on our clients' behalf. 
Did you know that you could end up receiving less as being part of a class-action lawsuit instead of litigating your case individually? We have handled numerous cases where there are multiple clients, and we know when it would benefit our clients to be part of a class action or not. Generally, class actions benefit the lawyers more than the clients, and we will never put our interest before yours. We always keep our current clients' interests at the forefront of our decisions. Because we have experience handling class action lawsuits and individual lawsuits, we can help you make the right decision for your case. 
The truth is that most lawsuits settle. Many attorneys have no experience going to trial. However, we will. And because we will bring it to trial, we can get better settlements for our clients because other firms know we will go the distance.
How would you like it if the person who handles your trial is not the person who had all the experience of putting your case together from the beginning? Some law firms will have different people working on different parts of the case to make the firm more efficient. However, in the process, things can fall through the cracks. Not with us. One person handles your case from start to finish, so the representative is personally familiar with all people and facts.

There is an art to winning a lawsuit. How can a person know how a witness will behave at trial if they had no interaction with the witness before the trial date? It's impossible to be effective. These are the kinds of things most people do not know to ask when they are evaluating lawyers. But because we need to win your case to get paid, we make sure that your case does not fall through the cracks.  
We don't nickel and dime clients for 1-minute phone calls. We put in the time to build relationships and educate our clients. We know this is a scary process for most people. Every client who has walked through our door has never been in a lawsuit before. We want to make sure you are comfortable and educated on what is going on with your case. We provide you with the right information to make educated decisions about your case. It takes time to build strong relationships, and we are happy to put in the time for you. 

The only way to see if we are the right match for you, is by contacting us for your risk free consultation. 

Get started today, no commitment, obligation, or fees.

We Don’t Have Customers

We Have RAVING Fans

Chris Vargas

Jordan was the absolute right choice when it came down choosing my lawyer. I could not thank Jordan enough for always going the extra mile, as well as making sure I was always informed on the details of my case immediately. Overall Jordan made what seemed to be a unpleasant situation turn into me being very pleased with the outcome of it all. Very professional! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Carmen Alvarez

I contacted another law office before … Finally, I chosed El-Hag & associates …the way Jordan greeted me made me feel like a very important client and took consideration for any conditions I had at the time and of course with excellent results. I am very grateful for his excellent job!

Coco Queen

I found Jordan on Facebook in April 2018 due to having a bad experience with another lawyer , He heard my case, understood my needs and was available to help me in my situation .Everytime I contact him he’s been there for me and my friends. From this day forward I recommend him to everyone who needs help with any employer who is taking advantage. Not only he gets five stars But millions of Jordan you the man Margarita Gonzalez

Victor Salazar

De antemano muchas gracias al licenciado Jordan x averme ayudado mucho a conseguir lo q con trabajo he luchando mucho y x su asistencia muchas gracias.xq x el consegui y su ayuda q DIOS lo siga bendiciendo x ayudar a la gente q lo necesita gracias ..

(Translated by Google) In advance many thanks to the graduate Jordan x averme helped me a lot to get what I have worked with a lot of work and x his assistance thank you very much. Xq x the got and his help GOD continue to bless him x help people who need it thank you ..

Rachel Palmer

As soon as I called El-Hag & Associates. I knew if was going to be taken care off. He took the time to listen and really cared about what I needed. I seriously couldn't thank them enough and have recommended them to family and friends. They really are the best and once you give them a call you will see for yourself!

Severyn Rebisz

I have known Jordan El-Hag since we were classmates at Fordham Law School. He strongly advocates for his clients’ interests at each stage of the litigation. Given his experience, I cannot think of a more able and competent labor law attorney. I highly endorse this attorney.

Free Wage Evaluation

see how much you could recover and how long it might take

Get $75,000 in Minimum Value When You Become A Client !

Here is everything you are going to get today when you contact us for your free wage evaluation:

$350 Value.

Free Consultation: Do not waste your time looking all over the internet trying to figure out the law. We will give you a customized analysis and plan and it will only take a few minutes of your time.

Lawyers who charge you consultation fees are being inefficient, and their practice is supported by generating hourly fees. They need the fees or they cannot survive. El-Hag & Associates, PC doesn’t need to charge you fees. Our firm is interested in looking for great cases that we can partner with our clients on. So we structure built the practice in a way that we do not need to charge you to find out basic information.

We do not waste our time or your time. You want to know if you have a case and what you can do to solve your problem. It doesn’t take very long to do that when you know the right questions to ask. In a ten minute call, we can determine the viability of your case, and give you steps you can take even if you do not work with us.

$75,000 minimum Value. 

No Hourly Fees. We get paid if you get paid. 

Hourly fees are for suckers and business owners who have to defend a lawsuit. If you are an employee, you are the one filing a lawsuit. This means that there is money that can be won that can pay for your case.

There is no reason you should spend your hard earned money if you have a good lawsuit. If you have a case, we will be your partner in the lawsuit. We succeed or fail together.

This is why we have excellent reviews. We treat your case like it’s our own because we cannot survive otherwise. We must invest everything into our cases so we can get paid and our clients know that. So, if we lose, its not because we didn’t put our all into the case. Whereas if you are paying a lawyer hourly, how much incentive do they have to work hard on your case when they get paid no matter what? In fact, there are unethical lawyers that will talk people into lawsuits just to charge them hourly fees.

$29.99 Value. 

A free copy of our insider secrets employment law hand guide

This Free legal guide unravels the little-known employment laws that you can use, so you are never taken advantage of by your employer again. With this information, you can learn how to get the compensation you deserve, the time off from work you need, and the strategies to gain the most secure employment possible so you.

$29.99 Value.

BONUS # 1: Free copy of how to maximize your pay 

Our second most popular legal guide tells you the two strategies that will ensure you will never be a victim of wage theft again. This guide will explain how to secure an employment contract that your employer can never change without negotiating with you and your coworkers. Learn how to:

  • Lock in your pay and wage increases;
  • Secure the highest form of job protection available to the everyday worker;
  • Negotiate the best employee benefits packages;
  • Improve every other working conditions at your job.

$375 monthly value

BONUS # 2: Enrolment in our monthly newsletter 

Our regular newsletter is equivalent to an hour-long consultation. We will provide you with essential updates on employment law issues, legal strategies, and tips that you can use and share with your friends and family.

BONUS # 3: Access to our Facebook Community 

Our Facebook group will put you in touch with like-minded people and provide you with a forum to learn about employment opportunities in the area, feedback on different employers, and learn about other people's experiences dealing with legal issues in the workplace. So when you feel like you are stuck in any situation in the workplace, you have a place to turn to look for answers and opportunities that you can use to help get yourself back on track.

All of this is $75, 436.01 in value, 
but you can get it for FREE today !

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You should not wait to take action !

There are many reasons why you need to act fast before you lose your chance to collect your money.

  • The Company can go out of business.
  • You can run out of time to bring a lawsuit.
  • The company can be sold or transferred.
  • Someone else could sue and complicate your chance of collecting your wages.
  • The company could file for bankruptcy.
  • The owner could die.

Don’t give your employer a chance to get away with stealing your hard-earned money. 

Do not wait… Contact Us Right Now !

  • You receive over $75,000 in value as a client.
  • We have a 100% recovery rate (every case has resulted in us recovering money).
  • We only get paid if you get paid.
  • If we do not recover, you owe nothing.
  • You can become a raving fan client.
  • You get free access to our legal materials.
  • Its fast and easy to get started.

Its simple, submit the form for your free wage evaluation now! 

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